Solution Focused Assessment
Welcome to the Mind Plus Muscle Institute!

As part of your intake process, please complete this brief Solution Focused Assessment and submit it to Mind Plus Muscle. We will review your responses and a consultant will contact you soon after.
Full Name
eMail Address
What do you find most enjoyable or rewarding about participating in your sport?
What can you tell me about your sport that will help me understand what it takes to be a champion?
What is the primary problem you are having?
Has this ever been a problem for you before?
What do you believe to be the basic cause of this problem?
How would you like things to be different when we are done working together?
What would your ideal outcome be? Describe a movie script depicting this outcome.
What would be a minimally satisfying outcome?
How important is it for you to achieve this goal?
The following questions require you to use your imagination. First imagine that you have an important competition tomorrow. Next, imagine that tonight while you are asleep a miracle takes place and all the changes you would like to happen have occurred. However, you are not aware of it yet because you are asleep. Describe what you would notice as you go about your day to let you know that these changes have occurred.
What would you notice first thing in the morning upon opening your eyes?
What would you notice during the remainder of the morning?
What would you notice at lunch time?
What would you notice in the locker room getting suited up?
What would you notice during your warm-up?
What would you notice during the competition?
What would you notice following the competition?
Tell me about times when you have been "in the zone" and everything was going perfectly.
What are your strengths as an athlete, both psychologically and physically?
Is anything in particular holding you back, or blocking you from performing at your best right now?
What have you tried to do already to solve this problem?
What were the results of this intervention?
What prior experiences have you had with sport psychologists or sport psychology, either good ones or bad ones?